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May 31 in 31: WRITE PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gayle Nobel   
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 10:22

New month, new challenge. This month I intend to write every day and it will be a huge challenge. This may seem surprising coming from a writer but I believe it may prove to be the most challenging thus far this year. It's a lot easier to make and drink a green smoothie every day.

The rules are simple. Just show up and get started. A five minute minimum will work. And sometimes , like the day I first started this post, that's all I have before life intervenes and takes me off in another direction. So far, I've found it's amazing how much I can write in just five minutes. In that short amount of time, it puts me in a completely different head space. I would love to create the habit of writing every day and by showing up to write, even for a short time, I'm starting the habit groove.

The good news is if I have the time available, it is impossible to write for just five minutes once I begin. It can be as hard for me to stop as it is for me to start. I've been known to be late for or completely forget appointments because I am engrossed in writing. It's one of the best ways I've found to be completely immersed in the moment.

Why write?

It feels so good to get the thoughts and feelings out on the page. It helps me make sense of my life and what I've been through, where I am now, and perhaps even where I am going. It challenges me to be creative and tiptoe out of my comfort zone. I write for an online writing club and sometimes the prompts call upon me to write fiction. Dreaded fiction. It is not my thing, but I love being stretched to make it my thing once in awhile. (No novels coming soon however!)

I also write for you, dear readers. I hope a sliver of what I share will have an impact, will inspire, and best of all , will remind you that you are not alone on your journey.

I never know what's going to resonate with people. I love hearing from readers and knowing that  I am making a difference even if just for one person on one particular day. I am deeply moved and inspired by the honesty and openness of my readers. After I posted the link to my sibling articles in Autism Oz, I was received this response:

Hi Gayle,

This really moved me. . . .I even shared it with my husband.  Its so like us as parents to choose a path and never stop wondering if we went down the correct one.  I think every parent with a challenging child feels this nagging fear even more so. . . . (do we do intense therapy or put family first, do we do more public stuff, should we try medication, put in a g-tube?)

Ever since Jenny McCarthy came onto the autism scene with her "warrior mom" thing, I always felt a little bit of shame for not being so out there like she was.  But we gotta be true to ourselves and take the path that suits our own children at that time. I think you did an amazing job!  I couldn't even get close to the hours of work you put in with Kyle. . . . sometimes I don't even know how to start.  I could feel so small next to you, but instead I read your words and feel a little more empowered knowing that sometimes just being there as his mom may be all he needs right now.

Happy Mother's Day to you . . . . you deserve it!  (and thanks to Leah for her lovely music and soul soothing words - i was so excited that we can purchase her songs off of I-tunes!  i don't think i have ever heard music/words that i could relate to more)

take care,


Mother's Day is coming up. My message to all the moms of all the kids on and off the autism spectrum, from child to adult, is that you are enough and you do enough and you are doing the best you can for your child and your family. Please pat yourself on the back and be very kind to yourself with your thoughts and actions. You deserve the best in the short time we have on this planet.

PS....It wouldn't hurt to back those thoughts up with an action that spells TLC.  I'm thinking massage, nails, lunch or dinner out, bubble bath, curling up with a book. Just sayin....


but it's  usually more like this.

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Autism OZ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gayle Nobel   
Thursday, 02 May 2013 22:06

For the last few months I've had the priviledge of writing for a new digital magazine: Autism OZ. As the name suggests, it comes out of Austrailia. It's a really wonderful supportive and inspiring publication and I am very excited to be a part of it. I love the international flavor from Austrailia to South Africa to the UK to the US and elsewhere. It is packed full on information and inspiration.

Personally, it has enabled me to inspire more people. For Issue 2, I wrote about Kyle's shoebox project which I have shared here on this blog. We created a wonderful video of Kyle loading a box and delivering it. It was paired with my daughter Leah's song "Attitude Is Everything". When I shared it with Shoebox Ministry and the pastor of the church where he delivers the boxes, they were deeply moved. They had no idea the effort it took for Kyle to make one of the boxes they see him deliver each week. They could see the challenges he overcomes everytime he makes one. Awareness is  a beautiful thing and leads only to more acceptance.

Below is the straight scoop about Autism OZ right from the editor's mouth. If you are an autism peep, I invite you to check out the full edition of Autism OZ by taking advantage of the first digital download for just $1.00! or purchasing a subscription. It is self funded.

In the meantime, here's a link to my sibling articles this month, as well as a wonderful note from the pastor about the Shoebox Article plus link to that video if you missed it. Autism OZ Sibling Article

"Autism Oz is a monthly digital autism support magazine that utilizes the internet's interactive ability to create magazines that come alive and serve the community. As well as written content, we link video that is played straight from the pages of the publication.

It is exciting for us that families are be able to connect via these pages to share in the collective knowledge of the global autism community.

We do not consider any person's story as too small. In personal battles we know that it is one small step at a time. We believe that in sharing our journeys we inform, inspire and uplift others on a similar path.

Whether you are just starting out on your autism journey or if you are a seasoned professional, autism Oz is with you every step of the way.

At the moment there are two ways to subscribe to the magazine.

1. The Digital Download version which works on Macs, Windows, Androids iPhones, iPods and iPads. With iPhone, iPod and iPads open in iBooks for the best results.

2. Via the Apple Newsstand for iPad. http:// Download the free APP then subscribe to the magazine via the yellow subscribe button. Choose Yearly, Monthly Subscription or just look at a single issue.

Autism Oz is a self-funded organisation and it is only through subscriptions, supporters and like-minded advertisers that can we continue to produce such a remarkable and forward thinking publication. Individual Monthly Issues are $5.49. And you get to try the digital download version for just $1. Yearly subscription is only $43.99 a year - that's $3.66 an issue. As we say 'cheaper than a cup of coffee with no bitter after taste.' We also offer a discounted membership for associations and groups."




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April 30 in 30 Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gayle Nobel   
Friday, 26 April 2013 20:05

The month of April has gotten away from me. Can life possibly whizz by any faster?

I'm sure you've been on the edge of your chairs wondering about my April challenge. This month I have done two: one for the physical and one for the mental. Of course the boundaries tend to overlap. Life is mushy.


Once again, I have dusted off my gratitude journal. Each evening after dinner or close to that time, I list three things I am grateful for or loved about the day. I chose this challenge because I have been wanting to get back in the gratitude journal habit. I have managed a 100% track record thus far this month. I decided to use dinner as my trigger. Triggers help create and reinforce habits. For example, wake up in the morning, brush your teeth. Only in my house, sometimes Kyle has first priority over brushing my teeth, but I try.

Previously, I tried to write in the gratitude journal before going to sleep. There I was with my journal and pen, tucked into bed, often tired with a husband who was anxious to turn off the light. I would rush through it failing to savor the flavor. Part of the fun of recording gratitude is reflecting on the day and appreciating. After dinner, when I still have mental energy has been a better time.

If you've read Breathe, you know I am all about making gratitude tangible but it is so very easy to get off track. Why bother to write this stuff down anyway? It can be very powerful. I find my awareness has certainly been heightened. I make it more of a point to notice what went right, the moments that I felt good, what I enjoyed during the day, and most importantly, the people in my life. This can be a small antidote to all they yuckiness in the world. We may not be able to change current events, but we can certainly shift or tweak our focus regarding the people and events in our lives.


The Green Smoothie Challenge. Yes, you read that correctly. Green and Smoothie absolutely go together. I had support and encouragement from .They have been running an April Challenge complete with recipes and themes for each week.

I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge. OK, I admit to being somewhat of a freak about food, but I do get excited about this stuff. I've had an underused Vitamix for the last 20 years. It's the Mercedes of blenders and can turn anything into a delicious smoothie.  A few months ago, at a book event, I talked to a raw foods gal at a neighboring booth. She changed her life, turned her health around, by going raw. And a big part of that rawness involved green smoothies. I had dabbled only minimally before this. I was so inspired by her, I bought her cookbook and have been on my own green smoothie journey ever since. My daughter Rachel introduced me to Simple Green Smoothies on Instagram. Yup, us smoothie freaks like to take photos of our magic drinks. They are so pretty.. sometimes. But even the ugly ones usually taste good as long as you avoid turnip greens.

Here's what they are and why they are so lovable and good for you too.

From, an online resource for rawesome people who want to learn how to blend healthy green smoothies that taste really good.

By introducing more leafy greens into your diet, you will reap the benefits of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals. In other words— green smoothies will rock your body.

Whether you find yourself being a victim of the Standard American Diet (keeping your body undernourished with empty calories), or you wish to adapt a clean-eating lifestyle, Simple Green Smoothies can help you add this one insanely healthy habit into your daily life.

Green Smoothies are a simple way to incorporate large amounts of greens into your diet. Did you know that leafy greens have more valuable nutrients than any other food group? They contain high-quality amino acids, important minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial phytochemicals (plant-based chemicals also known as phytonutrients). Phytochemicals keep your body's immune system and body functioning properly, improve health and longevity, and may reduce life- threatening diseases.


1. Natural energy booster

2. Natural weight loss drink

3. Simple way to boost your immune system

4. Full of disease-fighting antioxidants

5. Hands down— The best fast food

"One of the most delicious and nutritious superfoods in a cup." — Underground Health Reporter

What are green smoothies and what's in them?

We know how hard it can be to get in the daily recommended dose of leafy greens— and we believe green smoothies are the answer. These plant-based drinks are packed with leafy greens, fruits and a liquids... and they taste delicious!

Simple Green Smoothie recipes are easy to make: all you need is a blender, some leafy greens, fruit and water. Incorporating spinach, kale and other super greens into smoothies is a simple way to give your body nutrients it craves.

I have discovered that Kyle absolutely LOVES a green smoothie in the morning. I almost have to fight him for the last few drops. Since water is his normal drink, they are an extra special treat and I love knowing he leaves the house loaded with really good nutrition.

Don't like green veggies too much? I can almost guarantee you will like green smoothies anyway. I know, I know, I sound like an advertisement, but I am enthusiastic.  If you are living with a kiddo with autism, or just plain living, your body needs nourishment for this journey. Dust off the blender and give it a go.

30 green smoothies in 30 days

30 gratitude journal entries in 30 days

Life is good, yes?

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Grateful PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gayle Nobel   
Monday, 22 April 2013 15:09

On Saturday, Kyle's team gathered at our house for a celebratory pot luck. On April 4, 2013, it was one year of "cycle free" living for Kyle. This was a lot to celebrate! Many of you who have followed this blog know he had debilitating anxiety episodes for almost two years. It required extensive trial and error and perseverance to find the magic solution to stopping them. (Agape vitamin supplement with extra methylated folate.)

We have an amazing team working with Kyle right now. Probably the strongest in Kyle's lifetime. With the exception of one person, they have all been actively involved in some of the most difficult,  heart wrenching times with Kyle. Because of this, the triumphs and joy of this last year have been extra special.

We gathered, not just to celebrate Kyle's year, but in appreciation of our team's work, support, perseverance, and fantastic attitude with Kyle and our family. Each person has a special love of Kyle that shines through.  Everyone brought yummy food to share. In fact, we had enough to feed an army. Most of it was Kyle friendly and even better, it included all his favorites. He was in culinary heaven with one favorite after another being placed in front of him.

Getting ready for the gathering was virtually stress free because I didn't have to worry about anything related to Kyle. This is in contrast to my usual pre party jitters when I know there will be people who are uncomfortable or awkward around Kyle and I am nervous about how Kyle will be. It was enjoyable not to have  these factors in play.

I am so grateful for each person in Kyle's life. They make his life so much richer than Neil and I could do on our own. They have truly opened up his world in every area.

KIM has been with Kyle and us for nearly 16 1/2 years! Wow! She has had every role possible in his life. Currently she sees him a few times per month as a therapist, but really more as a friend or even sister. She also coaches Tammy and I in RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) enabling us to be better guides for Kyle's learning and thinking. Kim is responsible for a long list of Kyle's milestones and for helping us change our thinking about him. Thanks to Kim, Kyle is able to go out to eat and to participate in so many activities outside the home. Our journey with Kim has been quite an adventure.... learning and growing together.

ANGELICA is Kyle's 1:1 at his Day Program and has been with Kyle a little over two years. She was hired especially for Kyle by Aires, the company that runs the program. She showed up rather serendipitously and has turned out to be the perfect match for Kyle. She is with him all day, five days a week and keeps him very active and engaged during the day. From the relaxing atmosphere of the sensory room to walking the track and hiking to guiding him as he works his community service shoebox project, and much more, she is there giving him just the amount of support he needs during the day to have a full and rich life. She even helps out in our home on an as needed basis.

TAMMY has been with Kyle almost two years. I hired her when we were in crises mode and I felt I just couldn't go on without a higher level of help and support. She was really an answer to my prayers. She came with loads of experience and an enthusiastic passionate attitude about working with Kyle and supporting our family. She has enriched Kyle's life in so many ways particularly because of her love of music. She is my right hand gal around the house in the evening at dinner time and helps slow everything down so Kyle can participate in more things than I would be able to do on my own. In her convertible, which Kyle loves, she takes him out for many adventures. She also makes it possible for us to travel.

Mocha is the newest and youngest member of our team. Five months ago, I hired her as a back up for Tammy but she also comes on a regular basis twice a week. She grew up with sisters with special needs and has been a natural from Day 1. She now takes Kyle out in the community just like the rest of the team and has a had a few of her own adventures with Kyle. She has a patient kindness about her and it feels like she has been with us much longer than five months.

Judy is included in all our celebrations. She is a mother to me and grandmother to my kids,  but by choice rather than by blood. She knocked on our door when we moved into our previous house when Kyle was 17 months old. She has been a special part of our family ever since. She has seen it all and is a very very special and wonderful  friend to our family.

The potluck was our way of thanking the team and celebrating Kyle. There were a few people who were not there (music therapist, occupational therapist, hippo therapist, singing bowl therapist, and JoAn).

I consider myself very very lucky. But it's not just luck that put this team together. It's perseverance... not giving up until I found just the right people with just the right attitude.


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