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Autism with Attitude is all about your Attitude!

"Discover how to replace your stress, fears, doubts and timidity with a powerful  attitude that will allow you to achieve your dreams and goals and feel happier and more alive in the process.”

is the newest addition to the Autism with Attitude toolbox.  In the form of stories and oxygen-rich tools born of Gayle Nobel’s life-long journey with autism, Breathe is YOUR source of nourishment.




What can you expect to get from Breathe?

*Breathe will nourish you with support and inspiration while giving you some very special   useful and practical tools.

*Breathe supplies you with one user-friendly tool  for each week of the year.

*Breathe will help you refill your personal well.

*Breathe will offer you something to do RIGHT NOW which will take five minutes or less.

*Breathe will help you find more energy and motivation, greater inner power and strength, and more peace and happiness.

*Breathe will help you love and live well with your special child AND your entire family.

"Once again, Gayle Nobel connects with the parent’s soul and spirit. Gayle's writing is poetic and practical, with fresh insights into harmony and balance. Breathe is marvelous -- not just for parents of children with autism, but as a guide for living and parenting. Another fabulous work of art! "

Rachelle K. Sheely, PhD, Founder and President, RDIConnect

"These magical and powerful tools exemplify our ability to not merely exist, but to celebrate, to live, and to love, despite the challenges life may present."

Diana Davis, M Ed, Behavioral Consultant

"I've spent years reading books that promise to help me cure, recover, or remediate. While many have been helpful, few have offered much advice on living with autism, much less on how to do so with grace and joy. This is that book! Here, you will find guidance for living, loving, and thriving now, not in some possible future without autism. Heartfelt, elegant, and accessible, you will go back to this book again and again for hope and inspiration." 

Maria Kowch, BS, CYT, parent of child with autism, Yoga Therapist, and Founder, Motion Potions

Life with autism asks some hard questions. Gayle Nobel shares her stories with you so she can hold your hand as you explore those questions together. Through her personal experiences, she presents powerful, life-tested tools – her special elixirs that help her continue to thrive, rather than merely survive, on her lifelong journey with her son, Kyle. These oxygen-rich tools will help you make loving and living well with autism real.

“Just as the breath oxygenates our cells, these oxygen-rich tools have the power to create a ripple effect in your life, transforming your attitude and your journey, one micro-movement at a time.”


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