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  Who IS Gayle Nobel? 


Meet Gayle
Mother to 3 amazing young adults


Published Author



Promoter of “It’s All About Attitude, the book, the shirts, the message







Over 20 years hands on experience loving and living well with autism

BA in Special Education/Elementary Education

Special Education resource room teaching experience

Lifelong connection to autism through brother, teaching, son


Place of birth-NYC

Place of residence until 1972- Under the roller coaster, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Current place of residence: Phoenix, Arizona, next to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and amongst the rabbits, coyotes, and scorpions


Family (husband, son, 2 daughters)


Supporting others on similar paths thru speaking and coaching



Standing on top of mountains aka hiking

Spending time at the gym amongst sweaty people


Long phone conversations with co-author Kathy Almeida

Continuous pursuit of helping autistic son be the best he can be

Cheerleader and confidante to daughters


Son with Autism

Co-author Kathy

Other parents who said my writing made a difference for them


Just about everything!


Write more books

A new paradigm of acceptance and support for people who have autism



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