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Once again, Gayle Nobel connects with the parent’s soul and spirit. Gayle's writing is poetic and practical, with fresh insights into harmony and balance. Breathe is marvelous -- not just for parents of children with autism, but as a guide for living and parenting. Another fabulous work of art!
Rachelle K. Sheely, PhD, Founder and President, RDIConnect

Gayle Nobel shares some of her secrets in this gem of a book – certainly germane to parents of children with autism, but in reality, lessons for the rest of us. I found myself breathing . . . and smiling.
Raun Melmed, MD,FAAP, Developmental Pediatrician, Co-founder and Medical Director, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center and Director of the Melmed Center

Breathe will soothe and recharge your soul.
Kimberly Isaac, RDI® Program Consultant, Autism Specialist

I've spent years reading books that promise to help me cure, recover, or remediate. While many have been helpful, few have offered much advice on living with autism, much less on how to do so with grace and joy. This is that book! Here, you will find guidance for living, loving, and thriving now, not in some possible future without autism. Heartfelt, elegant, and accessible, you will go back to this book again and again for hope and inspiration.
Maria Kowch, BS, CYT, parent of child with autism, Yoga Therapist, and Founder, Motion Potions

I wish this book had been available fourteen years ago when my son was diagnosed with autism.  By sharing her thoughts and feelings, along with invaluable advice, Gayle has skillfully put together a book that will help families cope with living day–to-day with autism – to celebrate even the smallest achievements and to never give up hope. What was the best part of my day?  Reading Breathe by Gayle Nobel.
Lori Cairns-Irons, Co-founder and Managing Member, H.O.P.E Group, LLC

Each day I am presented with the challenge of working with families who are overwhelmed, worn down, and feel greatly unappreciated. They are raw. They are tired. They merely exist.  I am captivated by Gayle’s guidance to just “breathe.”  These magical and powerful tools exemplify our ability to not merely exist, but to celebrate, to live, and to love, despite the challenges life may present.
Diana Davis, M Ed, Behavioral Consultant

Breathe offers ideas all parents can use to improve their lives during the child-rearing journey. Gayle Nobel teaches us how to slow down, notice, reflect and appreciate. In so doing, parents will find moments of insight and peace, even on the hardest days.
Carrie Sears Bell, mother of Brian, 19, and Emily, 16

We are connected by autism. We are connected by our love for our children. We are connected as mother's looking and hoping to find a friend who understands us, and our children for their abilities, not their disabilities. In Breathe, we find the tools to cope, and we learn we are not alone, Thank you, Gayle, for breathing hope and comfort into my soul – for our connection.
Cathy Logan, mother of Freddy, 8

A delightful, insightful book that focuses on the positives of raising children, and reminds us to take short time-outs to concentrate on ourselves, and Breathe.

Robin Schlossman, Gifted Specialist and CEO, Robin’s Resources, LLC    

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale once wrote: "Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure." As the parent of a child on the spectrum, Gayle Nobel understands the importance of attitude when dealing with the daily challenges of autism. But, she’s taken the concept several steps further. This wonderful book is her gift to help us discover and maintain great attitudes to not just survive, but to thrive with autism.  Thank you, Gayle!

Craig Evans, Founder,

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Great and nice post thank you.

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